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Surfing the 4th Wave: The Laws of Innovation and the Impact of Generative AI

On June 14th, Dr. John Sviokla delivered a thought-provoking presentation titled “The Laws of Innovation: Surfing the 4th Wave” as part of CLM’s Flint & Steel series. As a leading authority in AI, digital technology, and business transformation, Dr. Sviokla discussed the future of AI and its potential impact on various aspects of our lives. Dr. Sviokla received his Doctorate of Business Administration from Harvard in 1986, and he was among the first to publish articles dealing with thought leadership on the application of AI in business, so his ethos …READ MORE

Thinking Like Your Customers

By Bob Hiebeler Businesses that want to thrive in today’s hyper-connected world need to think like their customers. In the past, it was common for businesses to focus primarily on maximizing profits, and in some cases, this was done at the expense of customers. However, in light of the widespread availability of information thanks in part to the internet, social media, and technological advances that make knowledge available at the touch of a button, customers are much better informed, connected with other consumers, and as a result, more empowered.   Ultimately, …READ MORE

Flint & Steel Presents: “Calling your Shot: Secrets of the World’s Greatest Sales Teams.”

On Wednesday, March 8th, as part of our Flint & Steel series, CLM hosted award-winning Revenue Performance Coach Rob Jeppsen as he presented “Calling your Shot: Secrets of the World’s Greatest Sales Teams.” Owning or running any business is learning to create predictability in the midst of uncertainty and perhaps the most challenging place to create predictability is in the sales and revenue generation function. Because of this unpredictability, salespeople have to adapt their tactics in order to survive and thrive. The traditional approach of pushing people even when they …READ MORE

Anticipating Your Customers Needs – Make it Easy

Customer Needs

By Bob Hiebeler Since the latter half of 2020, everything has migrated online. Mundane tasks that we had to do over and over again pre-2020 have ended up online with stores able to track our purchases and remember our preferences. Repeat orders were easier to fill out as our lists could be set to automatic renewal and delivery. As the systems got more sophisticated and analytics were applied, the stores expanded their offerings to us via digital suggestions, luring us into additional purchases with targeted offerings based on past purchases …READ MORE

The Power of Good Customer Service, Happy Employees, and Tooting Your Own Horn

By Bob Hiebeler When it comes to building a business that lasts, reputation is everything. Being number one in your vertical is certainly nice, but to continue to grow and push your business forward, people need to know you’re incredible…and the fastest way to achieve this is by providing unparalleled customer service. It’s one thing to tell everyone you’re the best. Any brand can do it, and many do, but what separates the companies who are simply paying lip service from those that are the real deal is the ability …READ MORE

Flint & Steel Presents: Generation “Them” – Navigating a Multi-Generational Work Force

  Part 3: Recruitment and Retention Welcome back to part 3 of our three-part series wrapping up our recent Flint & Steel live discussion with Kristin Scroggin looking at how generational diversity affects employee behavior within the workspace, and what managers and business owners need to know in order to support employee cohesiveness and maximize each groups effectiveness within the organization. In parts 1 and 2 we looked first at the different generational demographics and how to quickly build a game plan to handle conflict and bring them together as …READ MORE