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Digital Media Manager

4 Components of an Effective Landing Page

Digital advertising has become more and more sophisticated and effective over the years. From a digital marketing perspective, a campaign should be looked at from the top down. This means everything from the strategic planning, targeting, and copy needs to be examined and reexamined to ensure the right mix and delivery. But a digital advertising campaign doesn’t end with the copy, imagery, and call to action of the ad itself. A complete campaign from start to finish needs to look at the destination the user is sent to as well. …READ MORE

4 Necessary Elements of Content Marketing

When we think of digital marketing, there are numerous tactics, strategies, and applications that businesses of all sizes can employ to become more successful. The bare minimum digital marketing actions include having a website or a Facebook page. But since the digital industry has evolved, the bare minimum is no longer a viable way for a business to conduct itself online. Companies must now have a strong digital strategy in place that fits in with its overarching goals. As part of this evolution, different tactics have come to the forefront. …READ MORE

5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Businesses are always looking for ways to become smarter, faster, and more precise in their actions. Figuring out the right cadence and steps to take regarding certain processes is challenging. How often should certain actions be performed? Are the actions being performed actually affecting the company’s bottom line? Which actions are actually contributing a net good to the organization? These are tough questions to answer. Luckily, the progression of technology has made answering these questions a little easier. Marketing automation made a big splash in the digital marketing world a …READ MORE

Digital Marketing in 2019

Entering a new year is always exciting. There must be something about new beginnings, resolutions, and a renewed sense of doing things that brings out the best in us. Speaking of new beginnings, a change in the year can also be a great opportunity to analyze how well different marketing tactics are performing. It can also be a great time to get a grasp on some of the new technologies that are emerging that advertisers can take advantage of. 2018 was a big year for digital marketing. We saw an …READ MORE

Black Friday Digital Marketing Winners, Stats, and Figures

For marketers, it’s more fun to sit back and watch how brands promote their Black Friday sales than to participate in the madness. Think about it. Would you rather get caught in a literal stampede while rushing to get your hands on a new TV? Or would you rather observe the inner workings of the retail holiday from the safety of your couch? I’ll certainly always opt for the latter. Different brands take different approaches to Black Friday promotional messaging. That’s what makes each year a unique exercise in marketing …READ MORE

4 Key Steps to Crafting an Effective Social Advertising Campaign

If I had to boil it down to a succinct description, then advertising is all about reaching the right audience with an intended message at the right time. The meat and bones of strategy, creative ideation, and execution all point to supporting this objective. A logical first step to achieving this objective would be to find where a specific audience spends their time. Social media, at this point, isn’t so much a technological revolution as a way of life. Chances are advertisers will find their audience perusing one social media …READ MORE