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Brooke Smith

Senior Media Planner/Buyer

Is Traditional Media Dead?

In advertising there are several mediums to reach an intended audience; now more than ever. As technology has evolved, so has the way we consume media. The days where the only options to reach the masses were through print or broadcast are long gone. Even though print and broadcast are tools of the past, they are still considered an important component of a successful media mix. Traditional media can be defined as a form of mass communication available before the onset of digital media. This includes broadcast television, terrestrial radio, …READ MORE

A Look at the Fall Broadcast TV Landscape

Now that we’re over a month into the new fall lineup on broadcast television, we have enough data to start determining winners and losers in the ratings war, both on a national and a local level. As a media buyer—one that’s been at it for a few years—I still get excited each September as the networks debut their primetime lineups. This year, those lineups include beloved returning scripted series and dramatic reality shows, some of which have been on for over a decade; think Survivor and NCIS on CBS, Grey’s …READ MORE

Going for Gold—and Huge Audiences

The 31st Olympic Games are off to a great start, both for television viewing and for Team USA! The games have captivated audiences since their inception, creating countless memorable moments of triumph all the while fanning the flames of national pride for the over 200 countries (and this year, refugees) that participate. From fencing to track and field to swimming, the games offer something for viewers of all ages and interests. Two new sports were even introduced this year: golf—known the world over for its drama and excitement (cough), and rugby …READ MORE

An Insider’s Guide to Summer

As we head into summer, it’s time to say farewell until fall to some of our favorite prime time network TV shows. Spring finales will largely hit the networks the week of 5/16, only to be followed by a slew of summer re-runs. And while many of our favorite characters and storylines will return in September, some will fall off the TV Guide listings for good. After seven successful seasons, CBS’s popular lawyer-based drama The Good Wife ends this month, and I for one will be sad to see it …READ MORE