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Building the Future of Building

It’s not often that you get to say that you’re helping to build an entire industry. But that’s what it’s like working with the team at Prefab Logic. Prefab Logic is a Boise-based modular construction consultancy firm founded by Rick Murdock and Curtis Fletcher to help builders, architects, and developers build in a smarter, faster, and more efficient way. In brief, modularly constructed buildings are built with pre-assembled building pieces produced in a factory, and then assembled on-site, reducing waste, manpower, and time compared to traditional construction. Prefab came to …READ MORE

On the Road with Triplets, Kid Wranglers, and Commercial Tire

It started with a Facebook post. After experiencing a total car breakdown during the “snowpocalypse” in Boise this winter, a dad (named Chad) wrote about his experience with Commercial Tire. It was just a quick post to friends recommending the place that he trusts to keep his family on the road—and that resurrected his stone cold dead car faster (and at a better price) than he imagined possible. Little did we know that the full story would be so much more dramatic. After someone on our crew at CLM spotted …READ MORE

Road Stories: Behind the Wheel of a Moving Account

I’m starting to understand the true meaning of, “when the rubber hits the road.” When I took on the Commercial Tire account just over a month ago, I hit the ground running. And let’s just say, there’s been a lot of ground to cover ever since. Behind the scenes, working with Commercial Tire has honestly moved me in powerful ways (and not just by driving around on their industrial-strength tires). It’s been a family business for nearly 60 years, and you can see the true care and commitment everywhere from …READ MORE

Launching the Next Big “Thing”

Getting into the swing of things at a new job is always an interesting process, but as the new senior account executive at CLM, that learning curve took on a whole new meaning. My first account, Toumetis, launched me into the fascinating world of the Internet of Things. Ever heard of it? In a previous post, our resident tech-xpert writer and creative director John Liebenthal explained the phenomenon better than I ever could, but I think the impact of this new industry can still be best summed up in the …READ MORE