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Jessica Holmes

Senior Copywriter

Flying High by Winning at The Rockies

The Rockies—Idaho’s annual advertising awards ceremony—always make you want to crank up that DJ Khaled song. “All I do is win, win, win.” (Repeat “win” 8 times, in CLM’s case.) Put your hands in the air, and call us the jet set. This year, we were flying high at a 1960’s airline travel-themed party pulled straight out of the stewardess-y parts of Mad Men. Backed by a legit private jet in the Jackson Jet Center, we won five silver awards and three citations for our work over the past year. …READ MORE

An Advent-ive Countdown to Christmas

At ad agencies, holiday gifts for clients and vendors can go to the extreme. Marketing firms often use the occasion as an opportunity to show off their creativity (even when it comes to their bad ideas). One even made fun of the whole agencies-going-overboard tradition with a humorous mock movie trailer titled The Holiday Card. At CLM, we kept our focus on delighting our clients in a real way. After all, we strive to do that every day here anyway. When coming up with ideas, I thought of an advent …READ MORE

Character Development on a Barnyard Level

“Oh wow, really?” I gaped, wide-eyed like deer in the headlights, at the account executive. Every concept in a pitch deck packs its own particular punch. Especially at the moment of conception … er, selection … by a client. It turns from a whimsical la-la-la in a flowered field idea into a deadline-heavy reality. This year, as the account executive relayed, the Western Idaho Fair had picked “The Best Dates Ever.” In the real world, the concept of a surreal farmyard dating app named Tender with eight different barnyard characters …READ MORE

Fair Breaks Records in Best Dates Ever

When we came up with the campaign tagline for this year’s Western Idaho Fair, we didn’t know it would be quite so…literal. But August 17th to 26th turned out to the be the Best Dates Ever for this legendary, 121-year-old event. More than 250,000 people flocked to the Fairgrounds over the course of these 10 days. Breaking records, the 2018 Fair was the highest grossing overall, and saw the highest-grossing carnival and food & beverage sales too. Thanks to a coordinated push and more visible online submission system, some competitive …READ MORE

Big Creek Lodge Totally Rebuilt (Online Too)

It all started—but really felt like it all ended—with a devastating fire. In 2008, a historic backcountry hotel that stood on the lip of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness burned to the ground. Built in 1934, it welcomed generations of miners, ranchers, small aircraft pilots, recreationists, and families to the beauty of Big Creek and the awe-inspiring Idaho wilderness. Then, just like that, it was gone. It would’ve been a distant memory now, if not for the Idaho Aviation Foundation. In partnership with the Payette National Forest, they …READ MORE

On the Road with an 84-Year-Old Speed Demon and Commercial Tire

She’s a family farmer, a great grandma, and a total speed demon. Meet Milly Whitted, the charismatic 84-year-old star of the latest testimonial in our “On the Road with Commercial Tire” campaign. Featured in a short film, two :30 commercials, a radio spot, and innumerable social media posts, Milly is quite the character. In turn hilarious, inspirational, and outlandish, Milly made for an ideal leading lady. In fact, before we even met her in real life, she also made a star example for our initial client concept presentation over a …READ MORE