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Account Coordinator

Social Media Marketing World Recap

Social Media Marketing World takes place every year in beautiful San Diego, California. Started by Michael Stelzner, the CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner, as the worldwide hub for thought leadership concerning the future of social media marketing. I’ve had the privilege of attending for the past two years and would like to share one of my greatest takeaways from this year’s conference. Andrew and Pete are two content creator specialists for small businesses, YouTubers, authors, and podcasters. During their keynote presentation, they shared the building blocks of content …READ MORE

CLM Fair Campaign Wins Top Awards in Worldwide Competition

Our creative work for the Western Idaho Fair recently won Best Marketing Campaign at the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) awards show. The coveted Best Marketing Campaign first-place award was one of 14 total wins for the Western Idaho Fair in this year’s competition. “Each year, we’re proud to have a major role promoting Idaho’s largest public event,” CLM Director of Media and Account Services Becki Woodbury said. “A fair campaign is a creative showcase for any agency, so the competition is tough. Winning over a dozen awards, …READ MORE

Quit Pushing Me Around, Instagram!

Chronological, reliable, and unbiased. As a member of Generation Y, I have associated these words with one of my favorite social media platforms: Instagram. Instagram has been my go-to for a clean, neat, and orderly platform to view photos from friends, family, and celebrities. It never mattered how often we “interacted,” if at all—Instagram would show me pictures, sequentially, and open a window into their lives for me. This is all changing as Instagram (owned by Facebook) plans to roll out a Facebook-like algorithm for my feed. Now I’ll have …READ MORE

Neigh, whinny, snort… Marketing?

Unlike Julie Andrews, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are not some of my favorite things. Mean cars with huge engines, strapping myself to a snowboard and careening down a frozen mountain, and laying on the throttle on a dirt bike are some of my favorite things. Some call me fearless, and some call me reckless, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I look forward to crawling on top of an animal that weighs over half a ton and doesn’t speak my native language. After my first ride …READ MORE