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Josh Mercaldo

Senior Account Manager

The Word Around the CLM Watercooler

Aw, mid-March – that special time of year when Q1 deliverables race to the finish line. Here’s a watercooler view on some of the latest and greatest news within 588 West Idaho. First off, thanks again to all of you who attended our Dog Eat Hog challenger event on Feb 22nd at Beside Bardenay. As a quarterly series, we’re thrilled at the response of this inaugural session and we’re working hard to keep the momentum going. We’re currently reviewing speakers now, so a Save the Date invite won’t be far …READ MORE

Getting Naked at CLM

I just finished Patrick Lencioni’s business hit, Getting Naked. While he’s written other titles, this was my first rodeo with him and GN didn’t disappoint. Positioned as a business fable, the book discussed the power of vulnerability and its importance in business, as in life. The concept of “naked service” was a central theme and was framed as humility, selflessness, and transparency for the client good. What really hit home was how Lencioni outlined the fears account folks like me face every day. Ok, maybe we don’t think about them …READ MORE