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Max White

Associate Creative Director

Putting “Authentic” Branding to the Test

Tossing Pizza

Disingenuous advertising is easy to spot. It rings false. It falls flat. Especially lately, it makes you roll your eyes and complain to your couch-mate about companies trying to make bank off of a worldwide pandemic. Authentic advertising is about action, but it’s not reactionary. It’s not usually packaged in an over-produced 30-second TV spot put together in the wake of a crisis. It’s about having a real point of view, year after year, and living it out loud. Case in point: Flying Pie Pizzaria. Through humor, out-of-the-box ideas, and …READ MORE

Is Your Company Brandfishing?

If you’re single, you’ve probably waded into the pool of online dating. Popular apps like Tinder and Bumble have changed the way people meet each other. With this change comes the realization that individuals are constantly marketing themselves. They are analyzing what they look like and asking themselves if their current profile pictures are good enough or if they should be going a different direction all together. Then what? They have to craft some sort of interesting verbiage to capture the essence of their being—maybe a little funny, but definitely …READ MORE

The Western Idaho Fair: Selfie Heaven

The Western Idaho Fair is one of our favorite Idaho events. It offers fun for all ages, and as a great client of ours, offers us many opportunities to execute fun, creative marketing ideas. This year, we wanted to capture how the fair relates to the mobile, digital, and social sphere. As we examined that sphere from the fairgoer’s perspective, it became apparent that the fair is a giant social destination—people meet, interact, and play there. And most importantly, they share their experiences from all over the fair, all day …READ MORE