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Meagan Hermanson


Going Hog Wild in Event Branding

Branding an event—like CLM did recently with our first speaker in a series on challenger companies—means putting a distinctive stamp on every aspect of a real-life experience. Weaving consistency and excitement into each detail along the way turned out to be quite an experience in itself. We started with the name, Dog Eat Hog. It’s about the underdog going after the hog of the market share. We wanted to get across the feeling of being standout, scrappy, and bold. In color form, that ended up being hot pink. It’s a …READ MORE

Typography: A Secret World of Informed Decisions

There’s a secret world out there: the world of typography. Okay, maybe it’s not so secret, since all of us see and interact with typography on a daily basis. It’s on street signs, websites, apps, cereal boxes, and shampoo bottles. We’re all in a relationship with typography whether we know it or not. When I pick up the menu at the local cafe, I always spend time looking at the typography. While my roommate only sees the words spelling out the dishes, I see choices. Someone had to decide which …READ MORE