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Oscar Mariscal

A Buzzworthy Addition to Our Digital Advertising Arsenal

Ever wish you could always be in the right place at the right time? Digital advertising—rapidly becoming a dynamic marketing tactic for businesses across the globe—is turning this wishful-thinking into reality. In turn, many companies are reallocating their marketing budgets and reshaping their media mix to dramatically increase digital footprints and reach consumers in new ways. Digital advertising includes ads and messages delivered through email, search engines, social media, video, and banner ads on mobile or desktop websites. With digital advertising, a brand can use technology to target pin-pointed audiences—including …READ MORE

Help, I’m Descending into March Madness!

The hype of the NCAA Basketball tournament is one that you cannot seem to avoid. Even though teams play all winter, building up stats hoping to qualify, numbers and records are thrown out the window when it comes down to the “Big Dance.” Filling out a bracket is the highlight for many tournament watchers. People across the country try to analyze matchups in hopes of predicting the correct winner and coming up with the perfect bracket. Every year I fill out a bracket and every year there are teams that …READ MORE

Lucky for Life: A Better Daily Trip to the Mailbox

Were you one of the millions of people testing their luck to get a piece of the record breaking $1.6 BILLION Powerball Jackpot? I know I sure bought my fair share of Powerball Tickets. Unfortunately, my tickets weren’t so lucky. But I’m trying my luck again this month in the Lucky for Life drawing from the Idaho Lottery. Because even though winning the $1.6 Billion Jackpot prize would have been amazing, a jackpot prize in the Lucky for Life draw game means $1,000 a day, EVERY DAY, for the rest …READ MORE

Welcome to the Real World

Leaving college to enter the working world is challenging. A few months ago, I could barely even wake up in time for my 8 a.m. class. Now, I wake up each morning at 6:45 and head off to a full day of work. But as it turns out, the “real world” is really just another learning opportunity. Coming from a liberal arts school, I was equally qualified and unqualified for virtually every job out there. I spent the last few weeks of my college career looking for a job with …READ MORE