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Sean Luster

Millennial Breakdown #4: Brand Co-Creators

It’s been a while since my last post, where I talked about the importance millennials place on the quality of their experiences. Sorry for the delay, but I’ve just been so busy backpacking through a music festival in a gluten-free wheat field that I haven’t been able to write! In my last dispatch, I promised to talk about brand “co-creation” this time, but what does that even mean? A brand is no longer what a company declares itself to be. Instead, a brand ends up being a blend of what …READ MORE

Millennial Breakdown No. 3: When It Comes to Experiences, Quality Matters

In my last post, we learned how millennials value experiences over goods. But before you run out and buy the things you need for an in-store scavenger hunt (which sounds pretty fun, actually), it’s important to remember that not all experiences are created equal. Traveling through Europe and getting a haircut are both experiences, but are they equally satisfying? Probably not. Speaking of traveling, you probably won’t be shocked to hear that millennials love to travel. And many of them, free of life commitments like kids, houses, and jobs, travel …READ MORE

Millennial Breakdown No. 2: Do You Want to Get Stuff or Do Stuff?

To quickly recap my first post on the matter, classifying millions and millions of people as generic “millennials” is too broad a generalization for my tastes. But now I’m going to try to pinpoint one true commonality about the millennial generation proven by research: the importance of experiences. It boils down to that basic existential question: to be or to do. Each consumer has an important decision to make when he or she considers how to spend money. He or she can either get stuff (purchase goods) or do stuff …READ MORE

Millennial Breakdown no. 1: The Massive Millennial Bucket

If you search for the word millennial online, you’ll find hundreds of articles written by 20-something, self-identified millennials trying to explain what we are and what we want. I wouldn’t suggest going down this particular Google wormhole. Because after hours and hours of reading through opinions and research myself, I’ve concluded that the term “millennial” is just a fancy word to describe a huge chunk of the US population, and any conclusions about us are far from, well, conclusive. The Baby Boomer generation officially includes people born between 1946 and …READ MORE