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$45 Million Returned to Idaho

Every year, the Idaho Lottery raises millions of dollars for the State of Idaho from proceeds of lottery ticket sales. This year, that amount totaled $45 million.

The Idaho Lottery leadership presented that dividend check to Governor Butch Otter this afternoon at the Statehouse in downtown Boise. $17 million will go to fund public schools, $17 million will go to the Permanent Building Fund, and $11 million will go to the Bond Levy.

Over the past 26 years, the Idaho Lottery has given nearly $700 million to the State of Idaho to improve public schools and buildings, and has awarded over $1 billion in prizes to participants from our area and region.

CLM Marketing loves being the media partner for the Idaho Lottery, helping them succeed in giving back large dividends to our state. Congratulations to the Lottery, and a big Thank You for letting CLM Marketing and Advertising serve as your partner!

Becki Woodbury | Jul 14, 2015