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A Buzzworthy Addition to Our Digital Advertising Arsenal

Ever wish you could always be in the right place at the right time? Digital advertising—rapidly becoming a dynamic marketing tactic for businesses across the globe—is turning this wishful-thinking into reality. In turn, many companies are reallocating their marketing budgets and reshaping their media mix to dramatically increase digital footprints and reach consumers in new ways.

Digital advertising includes ads and messages delivered through email, search engines, social media, video, and banner ads on mobile or desktop websites. With digital advertising, a brand can use technology to target pin-pointed audiences—including people searching specifically for that brand—by layering data on top of ad strategy. The ability to reach exacting, highly valuable audiences is making digital advertising a complete game changer for many advertisers.

Now that CLM is a part of Ivie & Associates, we have more resources at our disposal to help our clients. Most recently, Ivie added Buzzshift, a digital strategy agency, to the Ivie family of companies. Dallas-based Buzzshift has made a strong name for themselves as one of the top digital agencies, earning the coveted Premier Google Partner badge in 2016. Premier Google Partners make up only the top 3% of agencies that work with clients in managing their Google products, such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords. According to Google, “The Premiere Google Partner badge recognizes you as a leading agency for developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns for businesses.”

As we do more and more digital work for our CLM clients here in Boise, we look forward to leveraging Buzzshift’s knowledge base to enhance our expertise and strategies to reach the right people with the right messages at exactly the right time.

Oscar Mariscal | Mar 8, 2017