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All-Around Winning with the $1M Raffle

Not all of these won. But Idaho did!

The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle season has just come to a close in Idaho, and the next millionaire in Idaho is… Not me. But I’m still feeling like a winner for a few reasons.

For one, one of my Idaho Lottery Raffle tickets was worth $25. Enough for a nice lunch—or some more lottery tickets.

It’s also the season for all of those Holiday Scratch tickets that Santa puts in our stockings (if we are over 18). I had a few in mine, which made the holidays a little more exciting.

Raffle sold out its 250,000 tickets on December 29, slightly ahead of last year. There was special hubbub around every 25,000th ticket sold this year, as players with those nice round number tickets received $1,000 in cold hard cash. People around the state implemented great strategies to get those bonus prizes, and a lucky few did, so congratulations to them.

At the end of the day, all of Idaho wins, because this year’s Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle game generated over $800,000 in benefits for Idaho Public Schools and the State’s Permanent Building Fund.

I was raised by educators who taught me the importance of funding for public education, so I value the part the Lottery plays in doing just that. And since CLM gets the opportunity to be the strategic and media partner for the Idaho Lottery, we too get to play a small part in helping give back to the Idaho Public Schools and the State’s Permanent Building Fund. Winning all around!

Becki Woodbury | Jan 5, 2016