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An Experience You Have “2C” to Appreciate

When it comes to car shopping experiences, the bar has just been raised at The Idaho Center Auto Mall in Nampa. Corwin Ford’s recent remodel is unique to the Idaho auto marketplace. And CLM had the exciting assignment of helping show it off via TV, radio, and other exciting marketing creations.

From its sleek and dazzling exterior to its nature-themed lobby—complete with lions and foxes and elk (’oh my’)—the newly unveiled Corwin Ford is too unique to be called simply a dealership. That would be like calling a Ford Mustang just a car.

A visit to Corwin simulates an outdoor excursion, complete with boulders, stream, waterfall, and the Camp Corwin” Kids’ Cabin—where kids can camp out with game-laden iPads while parents check out their own four-wheeled toys.

The CLM production team got to play with some special toys too, including an aerial drone used to capture striking footage both outside and inside. Painstaking work was never so fun.

There’s nothing like seeing the dealership in-person, but until you do, check out the new TV spots (”Welcome” and ”Experience”) CLM created and candids from the shoot below to get ready for your all-new dealership Experience at Corwin Ford.​

Mike Gerhardt | Mar 23, 2015