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Big Creek Lodge Totally Rebuilt (Online Too)

It all started—but really felt like it all ended—with a devastating fire. In 2008, a historic backcountry hotel that stood on the lip of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness burned to the ground. Built in 1934, it welcomed generations of miners, ranchers, small aircraft pilots, recreationists, and families to the beauty of Big Creek and the awe-inspiring Idaho wilderness. Then, just like that, it was gone.

It would’ve been a distant memory now, if not for the Idaho Aviation Foundation. In partnership with the Payette National Forest, they embarked on a years-long campaign to rebuild Big Creek Lodge. At the start of that initiative, the IAF teamed up with CLM to design a donation-focused website and logo.

Now, the new lodge has been totally rebuilt. It’s bigger and more beautiful than ever. And so is the new website and logo.

The refreshed logo is inspired by the hand-painted lettering on a sign—framed by a pair of antlers—on a historic tack shed at Big Creek. It also reflects the importance of Goat Mountain and small plane aviation to the area.

The new website is really something to behold. With a homepage video, beautiful responsive design, and a natural flow with copy and elements that fade in when scrolling, it’s an awe-inspiring journey. It also incorporates a reservation system, a technical feat that’s a first for CLM.

The mountains are calling, and now, you can go somewhere beautiful to explore them anew. Online, too.

Jessica Holmes | Apr 20, 2018