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Celebrating the First 100,000

In a mostly-rural state like Idaho, a financial institution welcoming its 100,000th member is hardly a regular occurrence. Then again, Idaho Central Credit Union is hardly a regular financial institution. That’s why we recently worked alongside Idaho Central to celebrate that one out of every sixteen Idahoans is now a member of their fine institution.

Offering two 2011 Ford Fiestas as grand prizes, we helped Idaho Central put on a giveaway that invited Idahoans from every part of the state to enter. The response was overwhelming, with more than 16,000 entries submitted for the two drawings. From there, over 120 semifinalists were randomly selected for each event and the final drawings took place two nights in a row – one in Boise at the Linen Building and the other in Pocatello at Idaho Central’s state headquarters. Keith Davies of Pocatello and Thomas Harrelson of Emmett were the two lucky winners of the cars and each semifinalist also received a cash prize just for showing up at the event.

Congrats to Keith and Thomas and congrats to Idaho Central for reaching such an important milestone. We look forward to helping celebrate the next 100,000!

Grand Prize Winner Keith Davies

Grand Prize Winner Thomas Harrelson

CLM | Dec 15, 2011