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CLM: Bigger Than You Know

For 12 years, CLM has been living the independent life, learning and growing on our own. Early this year, we found the one: a partner to help us and our clients continue to develop and grow. We joined Ivie, a mid-sized independent shop based in the Dallas area. And, four months into it, we’re delighted.

Ivie focuses on the retail industry, and is the lead agency for several top grocery chains, among many other clients. And Ivie has gained huge expertise running campaigns as hard-working, far-reaching, and quickly changing as the grocery business.

To do this, Ivie invented a new way of working rooted in intimate relationships with clients. In fact, roughly 400 of Ivie’s 600 employees sit side-by-side with the marketing teams inside their clients’ offices.

By tearing down the walls that often stand in the way of partnership, and putting all the right people together, this closeness with clients turbocharges how campaigns flow. It gets gigantic results from lean teams. And flies in the face of the aloof agency fortress that clients so often feel “don’t get it.”

With our own nimble culture driven to know our clients’ marketing problems intimately and think big to solve them, CLM has found an ideal partner. Expect bigger teams and tools to match the biggest ideas, with the same smart and scrappy ingenuity that is a small agency at its best.

Brad Surkamer | Mar 3, 2015