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CLM Summer Roundup, Part I

The summer always brings a lot of excitement and a lot of full days around CLM. We’re lucky to count among us many active, outdoorsy types – when it hits sixty degrees in early spring, it’s not strange to find us eating lunch and throwing the fris on the statehouse lawn. Add in the annual ramp-up in preparation for the Western Idaho Fair, and we’re typically pretty busy.

This July, we elbowed our way through the crowds to cheer on CLM’s own Jarred Blankenship and Mike Gerhardt as they raced in the Downtown Boise Twilight Criterium. In case you’ve never been down to watch it – or at the very least, been stuck in traffic because of it – the Twilight Crit, as it’s popularly known, is a cycling race that annually attracts over 20,000 spectators to downtown Boise. As one of the official criteriums on USA Cycling’s calendar, it’s attended by amateurs and pros alike (including Boise’s own two-time-Olympic-gold-winning cyclist, Kristin Armstrong). The weather was perfect, Jarred and Mike rode hard (and didn’t crash), and CLM’s Brian Evancic even got some good shots from the event.

CLM | Oct 12, 2012