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CLM Welcomes Brian Evancic as Art Director

One of the great pleasures of working in a dynamic, fast-paced industry like this is meeting and welcoming new talent to our team. A few weeks ago, we put out an APB for a new Art Director. After sorting through a plethora of highly-skilled, highly-qualified candidates, Brian Evancic rose to the top of the pile. We offered the position to him, he accepted and, particularly after seeing some of his initial work, we’re grateful to have him in the building.

After growing up on the east coast, Brian Evancic relocated to the Treasure Valley and began experiencing the finer things in life (e.g. camping, hiking, grilling, fly fishing, etc.) After a short stint of employment at a nuclear power plant, Brian began honing his design, photography, and filmmaking skills. Before landing at CLM, Brian picked up a BFA from Boise State and worked for seven years in the design, marketing, and advertising industries. When he’s not practicing his visual voodoo, you can find him on the river, in the woods, or tracking down a fly ball on his softball team.

Welcome to the team, Brian!

CLM | Mar 9, 2012