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CLM’s Media Department Grows Again

When you handle as much media planning and placement as we do, you have a huge amount of work to wrangle. So we’re very pleased to announce the hire of our new media coordinator, Joelle Alexander, to take the reins of the “backend” of our media operation.

Joelle is a sophomore at Boise State University majoring in marketing, minoring in communications, and pursuing a certificate in public relations. She’s an expert at keeping calm, cool, and collected. As a three-time rodeo queen with her horse Diablo and a record setter for most consecutive wins of the all-around championship buckle during her 10 years in 4-H, it’s safe to say that she performs very well under pressure. Thus far, she’s been absolutely essential to keeping us on track during our busiest times in media. We’re looking forward to her continued input here at CLM as she matures in the professional arena.

When she’s not buried in paperwork, she’s probably in line for a concert—she’s travelled over 15,000 to see her favorite bands play all around the country. She also enjoys reading and creating original artwork.

Welcome, Joelle!

CLM | Mar 2, 2015