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CLM’s New Website: Clean, Contemporary, and Consistent

As my eighth anniversary of working at CLM quickly approaches, I can now say that I am one of the “oldies but goodies” here at the old fire station. A lot has changed around here in the past several months: a merger, new hires, and a renewed commitment to focusing on our core strengths while growing our offerings. With so much changed, it was time for a brand refresh and a whole new website.

We knew the website had to be responsive and SEO-friendly, but that’s not new. What is new about our site reflects a few key trends that are popping up across the web, and some things you should look to for your next site.

  1. All about the unique user experience. We wanted to make a bold statement by incorporating multimedia, animated and colorful cinemagraphs, visual-centric design with strong headlines, and clean or “flat” design. The right balance of imagery and content is king today on the web. So make sure your visuals aren’t stock images, but fresh and bold art that reflect your brand in a creative, fun, and unique way.
  2. Branding evolution and cohesion. “Closing the loop” is the theme of our site, since it constitutes both the origin of our name and the bedrock of our identity. Our refreshed brand uses looping messages, videos, cinemagraphs, and thematic copy to reflect who were are as a company, an agency that guides our clients through campaigns from start to finish and back again with lessons, metrics, and takeaways.
  3. Localized content. We love Boise as a company, and we fully embrace all that Idaho has to offer with the variety of activities we do individually. So we incorporated both into our site to show that we’re proud of where we’re from.

We really hope you enjoy the new site and that it offers ideas for your next site.

Jess Ward | Sep 18, 2015