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A Story 50 Years in the Making: Commercial Tire

It’s not often that an agency gets to celebrate a client’s 50-year anniversary. Mainly because only 4% of businesses even make it to their 10th birthday, much less their 50th. So as Commercial Tire approached its 50th year in 2018, we got excited at the prospect of taking a road trip down memory lane with a business building a family legacy across the region.

Since 1968, Commercial Tire has been providing quality tires and vehicle maintenance services to the Pacific Northwest. It all started with Founder and CEO Bob Schwenkfelder, striking out on his own with just a truck, a compressor, a handful of loyal commercial customers, and a driving principle of “let our family take care of your family.”

With the support of his family and team of dedicated employees, Bob grew the business into a regional powerhouse in the tire sales industry by making smart decisions and making the most of any opportunities that came up.

Though the business started with Bob, the one who’s truly grown up in the business is Bob’s son, Trent. He spent his childhood listening and learning all he could from his dad, and did every job in the company as he worked his way up the ladder. Today, as he prepares to guide the company into the future, he has a lifetime of experience and a great leadership team- folks he considers family-to help reach that next rung of success.

In line with our “On the Road” series of mini-documentaries with Commercial Tire customers, we worked with the production crew at Sidewayz Films to tell the moving family story of Commercial Tire, and celebrate 50 years in business. In the end, we created a compelling 5-minute company history to highlight on our campaign landing site,, and three commercials that started running during the Olympics. In addition, our design team produced an entire identity campaign-including a 50th anniversary logo and tagline-plus other celebratory brand assets that will be rolling out over the months to come

Thanks to the whole Commercial Tire family for allowing us to follow them around and capture what makes the company special, and thanks for letting our CLM family become a part of your story.

Jill Moore | Feb 20, 2018