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Commercial Tire’s Summer Social Contests

We hit the ground running recently with our client Commercial Tire, facilitating and managing their “Summer Road Trip Giveaway” social campaign.  We set out to create more engaging content, to find followers, and interact with customers, and we did so with the help of a few different giveaway contests.

Contests can be a quick way to build a fan base for a social media page, attract more followers, build brand loyalty, and give a little back to your fans. Having more people follow on any given social media channel equates to less money spent boosting content to make it more visible, and builds your audience for other outreach. But the key is to create engaging, relevant content. The more engaging the content, the more organic your growth.

In this case, we are using both daily and monthly contests, each with a distinct purpose. Daily contests are effective at generating buzz, with fast giveaways and time-sensitive posts. Monthly contests use bigger prizes and entry crowd-sourcing to keep people coming back.

Contests can be an effective way to grow an audience, and learn more about the followers you have. We’ve already learned a lot from this contest, which continues through July 31. And with continued interaction and relevant content, we will be able to keep this audience for the long run.

Katie Miller | Jun 15, 2015