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A Few Thoughts on Gratitude

‘Tis the season for overeating, family feuds, and a company Thanksgiving blog lousy with sentimental musings and obligatory clichés. And who are we, the humble ad drones at CLM, to shun such a beloved holiday tradition?

Becki Woodbury, executive director of accounts, media, and research

This holiday season I am thankful for the army of people that I love and care about, including family, friends, colleagues, doctors, nurses, and teachers. They have been a source of happiness and strength in the good and bad days of 2018, and I am grateful for them.

Becky Erickson, production manager

After more than two years, we finally got our log home built in Garden Valley. My mother came up from Texas to stay with us in our new home for a month. We have a new grandbaby on the way, and all three grandsons are growing like weeds. I’m truly blessed.

Ben Adams, digital media manager

I’m thankful for being able to come into work every day and work with some amazing clients and coworkers. There’s never a dull day here at CLM! I’m also thankful to be as close as I am to family during the holidays, for my puppy, Charlie, and my fiancée, Hannah.

Brad Surkamer, president

I’m especially thankful this year for the Ivie Family’s support to make CLM independent again, which ensures we can continue the development of our team and customers. The fulfillment I get from my uneven work-life balance wouldn’t be possible without the care I get from my family, thank you Surks.

Brooke Smith, senior media planner/buyer

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and I would say in 2018 it was travel. I had the opportunity to do a lot of it this past year which afforded me priceless memories with family and friends.

Charlotte Wiemerslage, content writer/editor

Obviously, I’m grateful for my beautiful family, the roof over our heads, and the food on our table. To that list l will add the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Bless those sweet, supportive bakers and the way they renew my faith in humanity with every tart and trifle.

Della Fencl, controller

I am thankful that I have been able to spend the holidays with three and four generations of my family for the last 10+ years.

Don Gura, senior art director

I’m thankful for a good cup of tea. Legend has it, tea drinking began by accident when the leaves of a Camellia sinensis tree floated into a Chinese emperor’s cup in 2737 BC. My daily ritual of drinking tea brings happiness and livelihood with each sip as the future unfolds.

Jess Ward, interactive producer

I’m thankful for my family and beautiful little girl. My friends – the way they always have my back and make me a better person. I’m thankful for opportunities to grow, learn, and advance my skills. And the album that my fave artist, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, dropped last week.

Jessica Holmes, senior copywriter

I am thankful for the abiding quality of real love, the thrilling possibility of change, and my Headspace app, where I learn how to ride the wave of my own mind and experience with a meditation guru with a sexy British accent.

Jill Moore, account manager

I am thankful for all the amazing adventures Idaho has to offer. Being able to step out our backdoor to parks, trails, lakes, and ski hills to fuel every week with activity and inspiration.

Joelle Alexander, account coordinator

I’m thankful for the opportunity of unfulfilled potential.

John Liebenthal, creative director

I’m thankful that my creator created me to create.

Josh Mercaldo, senior account manager

I’m thankful for all the daily smiles you feel after slowing down your life. When a dad face-palms himself as his kids make ‘magic potion’ after dinner at IHOP. When you hear trick-or-treaters say thanks after receiving Easter eggs. When you find the last cold Coke in the fridge.

Max White, associate creative director

I’m thankful that we had TV shows like Hogan’s Heroes, where we poked fun at Nazis by having our POWs run absurd scenarios right under the noses of their captors – resulting in hilarity. Probably never have that type of free-wheelin’ absurdity again.

Meagan Hermansen, designer

I spend Thanksgiving morning making pies with my mom in our pajamas. While we’re baking, the boys run off to work on whatever project they have going, usually an old torn-apart car. This chaos is so representative of my wonderful family and all that I am grateful for.

Mike Gerhardt, senior account manager

Following are some life-bits I’m thankful for that don’t get the same airtime as love, health, and family. I’m thankful Los Betos is open 24/7 and less than a half-mile from my house, and for my Roomba, without which I would have long-ago suffocated on food crumbs and pet hair.

CLM | Nov 20, 2018