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Idaho Lottery Celebrates Greatest Dividend in History

Lottery Commission Chairman Mel Fisher (left) and Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson (center) present Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter with the Idaho Lottery dividend check on Tuesday, July 17. The full $53.5 million raised from the proceeds of this year’s Idaho Lottery will benefit Idaho schools and the state’s permanent building fund.

The Idaho Lottery celebrated its largest year ever in Fiscal Year 2018, surpassing $265 million in sales (the first time over $250 million in a single year) and returning a record dividend of $53.5 million to the state of Idaho. The Idaho Lottery’s dividend was $5 million more than last year’s record amount, an increase of 10%. This is the seventh consecutive year of growth for the Lottery, and is the first time that the dividend has exceeded $50 million in a single fiscal year.

Out of the full dividend, over $33 million will directly benefit the Idaho Department of Education and individual school districts, while the remaining $20 million will benefit the Department of Administration’s Permanent Building Fund to improve public buildings, universities, and colleges across Idaho.

CLM is pleased to be the strategic and media partner to the Lottery, and to play a role in growing the Lottery’s contributions to the state we love. For more information, visit the Idaho Lottery website.

Becki Woodbury | Jul 19, 2018