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Million. Million.

If you’re tuned into TV or radio, we bet you’ve heard these words a time or two over the past few weeks. It’s the time of year for Idaho Lottery’s Million Dollar Raffle. It’s a busy time of year for our client, the Idaho Lottery, and a busy time for us.

Raffle is coming to a culmination in the next week with the Live Raffle drawing at the midnight Potato Drop in Boise where one person will become a millionaire in the final minutes of 2014!

It’s been a big year for the Lottery, and it’s been rewarding being part of their many impressive 2014 milestones. They celebrated their 25th Anniversary with the Live National Powerball Draw at the Snake River Stampede. They also launched a new product category called InstaPlay, which is basically a category of games that are scratchless scratch tickets. Most importantly, they returned the largest dividend in history by presenting the Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter a check worth $49 million.

Million. Million. Besides being a slogan for this year-end raffle, this phrase was the mantra for what we delivered to the Lottery campaigns throughout the year: millions and millions of impressions. Though each campaign is different, our role is to provide results-driven media services.

The situation, audience, and environment changed frequently across the year’s Lottery campaigns, and the challenge has been a gratifying one to meet. From television to theater and programatic digital to streaming radio, we used a wide-variety of media strategies and tactics to successfully deliver campaign messages to appropriate audiences in millions of individual communication moments.

We’re thankful to call the Idaho Lottery a client, and have a million reasons to celebrate with them this year!

CLM | Dec 29, 2014