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Neigh, whinny, snort… Marketing?

Unlike Julie Andrews, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are not some of my favorite things. Mean cars with huge engines, strapping myself to a snowboard and careening down a frozen mountain, and laying on the throttle on a dirt bike are some of my favorite things.

Some call me fearless, and some call me reckless, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I look forward to crawling on top of an animal that weighs over half a ton and doesn’t speak my native language. After my first ride at the age of seven, I have gained quite a bit of experience these past 12 years in the horse industry, and will happily climb aboard any steed. So when I first climbed the stairs to CLM marketing, I took a deep breath and told myself to just liken this to a new ride.

I suddenly found myself on a hypothetical half-ton animal that doesn’t speak my language. Much like working with a new foal, the CLM team took me under their wing with a firm but gentle grip. As some of my coworkers plopped massive piles of paper down on my desk, I tried to shy away. Much like my own horse does from a daunting, terrifying, overwhelming but really tiny plastic bag, my eyes would widen and I’m really hoping I never snorted.

Sometimes, translations from English to Equine get muddled, which eventually leads to me being tossed in the dirt, or bit with some gnarly horse teeth. Similarly, the Marketing-to-English dialect translation can be a tricky. It hasn’t resulted in being ditched into a dirt cloud, or any critical injuries…yet. However, thanks to the incredible team at CLM, I feel like I’m getting into the rhythm of the marketing rodeo.

As I go stumbling through this thing called life, I have learned countless, as well as priceless lessons from working with horses. I go through my days at college and work, I find myself comparing situations I’ve encountered with horses to everyday life. Taking a deep breath, not being afraid to take a chance, be kind yet logical, caring yet courageous, and never taking your team for granted are a few of the tools I utilize daily thanks to my experience with horses. So remember, even if you get bucked off, always get back on because you never know where the trail may lead.

CLM | Sep 15, 2015