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New Fair Site: A Fun-Filled Time Online

The Western Idaho Fair just got an online makeover. As we know after 13+ years with this fun-filled client, it’s not easy to fit all the farm animals, amusement park rides, concession food, blue-ribbon contenders, concerts, grounds act, and fairgoers into one spot. You could say it’s a bit of a juggling act. But designer/programmer Jess Ward and copywriter Jessica Holmes were up to the challenge. Hey, at least it’s easier than winning some fair carnival games!

We started with the navigation, an often-overlooked step in the web design process, but one of the most make-it- or-break- it critical. After scoping out fair sites across the country, we nailed down a simple but comprehensive site structure that makes it easy to find your way around all the fair action. By using drop- down illustrations for the “Things to Do” section, we emphasized the main public attractions in an iconic and playful way that carries through the site. We also added a “Winners Circle” section to showcase deserving prize-winners.

Then, the real fun began. We gave the copy more of a playful and light-hearted personality—and carried that tone through the look, too. With bright, friendly colors, photos and fonts, it’s a whole new way to experience the kaleidoscopic magic of the social event of the summer.

Enough talk though. Just see for yourself. Play around on the new site at

Mike Gerhardt | Aug 1, 2017