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Better by Design: A New Website for Prefab Logic

When we began our relationship with Prefab Logic, we started the way we start with many clients: with a look at the website. What we saw was a lot of potential for a new site that was as pioneering and forward-thinking as they are.

We began the process of redesigning the site with a branding exercise to identify the characteristics of the Prefab Logic team and the messages and designs that would resonate with them. After that, we started down the path of changing their look and making it consistent across digital and print platforms.

Today, the Prefab Logic website is a significant departure from their previous website. It is cleaner and more streamlined, with less clutter and more modern design elements. Its backend is also more versatile, allowing for quick updates and rapid deployment of new features. The new design employs a blog-like project feature to generate new project pages, an important part in building credibility with potential customers. These projects then roll up to feed a super-menu that highlights industry-wide keywords and allows search engines to find the site more easily.

We’re excited to continue building out the new Prefab Logic site with additional projects, people, and features as they grow to meet increasing demand for modular construction nationwide. It’s been a pleasure to work with their team, and we look forward to doing more with them in the future.

Jess Ward | Feb 16, 2018