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OMG Christmas Is Here Santa Presents Reindeer Ahhh!!

The holidays are AWESOME. Here are some of our favorite memories from Christmases past. We hope as you read, you’ll laugh, cry, and be thankful for your friends and family this holiday season.

Becky Erickson: With 6 kids in the family, we did a gift exchange every year for Christmas. The year my oldest brother drew me, he gave me a HUGE giftbox with tons of smaller boxes inside. When I finally got to the smallest box, there was a note in it to look in the washing machine, where he had hidden a glass bead ring. It was such fun!

Jess Ward: I remember how my mom always had Mannheim Steamroller music playing and every square inch of our house was decorated. My 3 brothers and I would make Christmas sugar cookies for Santa and leave them out with a glass of milk. Then we’d build a pillow fort and sleep there while Santa visited. He never left any cookies or milk!

Danielle Strollo: Every year, my sister gets Christmas poppers with little toys inside. One Christmas a few years back, we all got tiny plastic flutes and sheet music with numbered cues to play “Good King Wenceslas” together. We weren’t performing well, so my sister decided to conduct by shouting out numbers and pausing for each toot. It was a hilarious, atonal debacle.

Joelle Alexander: One year, my family got a 16-foot Christmas tree. Coincidentally, we had two kittens that year. So until my dad built a 60-pound base for it, we woke up every morning with the tree fallen over from the cats climbing on it.

Hayley Hutchings: My family always does a family photo on Christmas day. One year we did it on the Smurf Turf, wearing coordinated blue and orange clothes. My mom tried to get us to wear coordinated scarves too, but we revolted. It was collective bargaining at its best.

Brad Surkamer: What I always loved about Christmas was waking up while it was still dark and seeing the miracle that Santa had left us under the tree. When we had kids, we got to watch them go through that same experience, and it was magic.

John Liebenthal: My city slicker dad and grandpa gallivanted into the Idaho wilds to cut down a tree. It was too big to fit into the house. Quintessential engineers that they are, they cut off the top (the trunk bottom was too thick to saw off) and stuck it beside the big tree. We called it the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.”


Happy Holidays from all of us at CLM, and we’ll see you in the New Year!

CLM | Dec 24, 2015