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Tape. Compete. Repeat.

As the 2012 Olympics wrapped up this August, you might have been wondering the same thing thousands of other couch surfers were wondering: “What the heck is that weirdly-shaped tape so many of the athletes are wearing?” Of course, if you were watching the Olympics in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, or Seattle, we hope you found the answer in the commercial we produced for a new client: SpiderTech.

The only company in the world producing pre-cut, easy-to-apply, medication-free kinesiology tape for elite athletes and everyday folks, SpiderTech approached us here at the old firehouse before the Tour de France in hopes of increasing awareness of their product during the Tour and the London Olympics. The result was a pair of tv commercials, tailored to each viewing audience, which introduced millions of people to SpiderTech’s one-of-a-kind tape. But the spots went one further, offering viewers a chance to order a free sample from SpiderTech’s website. You can imagine how pleased we were when SpiderTech fulfilled nearly 150,000 calls for sample orders over the course of a few weeks, far surpassing their expectations.

So stay tuned. We’re currently whipping up a few other fun ideas for SpiderTech and we’re excited to share them with you.

CLM | Sep 13, 2012