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The Western Idaho Fair: Selfie Heaven

The Western Idaho Fair is one of our favorite Idaho events. It offers fun for all ages, and as a great client of ours, offers us many opportunities to execute fun, creative marketing ideas.

This year, we wanted to capture how the fair relates to the mobile, digital, and social sphere. As we examined that sphere from the fairgoer’s perspective, it became apparent that the fair is a giant social destination—people meet, interact, and play there. And most importantly, they share their experiences from all over the fair, all day and night.

Knowing that, it was easy to develop a point-of-view-style campaign where the fairgoer is essentially creating the campaign.

The first order of business was to recreate and capture some of those classic Fair moments: the boyfriend winning his girlfriend a teddy bear, the girl trying to eat while taking a selfie with a hungry animal, the kid being dizzy and shaken up after a ride, and the excited people singing along at a great concert.

This campaign, and the Fair itself, is about people sharing their special moments—moments that can only happen at the Western Idaho Fair.

So really, the fair is Idaho’s ultimate social destination. Go and experience selfie heaven for yourself July 21-30!

Max White | Jul 10, 2015