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To Corwin Ford, We’re All In It Together

Corporate responsibility is a big buzzword in today’s business climate, and large businesses make significant waves when they do some good in the world. But for Tanner Corwin, doing the right thing is a fundamental part of running a business. Because when the Treasure Valley community thrives, so does Corwin Ford.

As the account manager for Corwin Ford, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tanner to grow his business and his profile in the Treasure Valley. Those who know Tanner know that he’s a man with big ambitions and a hard work ethic, two traits that have helped grow Corwin Ford into one of the most successful Ford dealers in the Treasure Valley in just three years. But in addition to this, I’ve learned that he believes in being a good corporate citizen—and that he intends for Corwin Ford to lead by example.

Corwin Ford has given away over $500,000 to Treasure Valley non-profit organizations since arriving here in 2014. And in December 2016 alone, the family-owned business donated $185,000 to benefit the public, including $50k to help the Idaho Foodbank tackle hunger; $25,000 to the Women’s and Children’s Alliance to help victims of domestic violence; $25,000 to Canyon County Shop with a Cop to build relationships between law enforcement and young people; $25,000 to the Family Justice Center of Nampa’s work supporting families in distress; $20,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Nampa (pictured above); and another $40,000 to organizations who improve education, help children, and alleviate poverty.

We’ve all been told that a rising tide lifts all boats. But it’s easy to forget that in this case, tides don’t rise by themselves. It takes investment on the part of all of us to make our communities stronger. Here at CLM, we’re proud to be helping Corwin Ford succeed, and we’re very thankful for their significant investment in lifting all of us up in the process.

Mike Gerhardt | Feb 2, 2017