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Wag and Bear It: Dressing Your Dogs for Halloween Success

Halloween is a much anticipated holiday around my house. So much so that in addition to wearing a costume myself, I also have to get one for each of my dogs Jackson and Axel. As a social media guru, I take my Halloween pin-board very seriously, and start scouting costumes months in advance. This year, I found a theme for my spooky duo based on this photo, which happens to feature a German Shepherd like my own! What goes better together than a skeleton and a ghost??

dog ghost dog skeleton

Here are the steps I followed to make this Halloween one my dogs will remember for years to come. Feel free to follow yourself!

Step 1. Go to craft or retail store to gather materials needed.

Step 2. Find the first costume right off the bat. Score—Jackson loves wearing sweaters!

Step 3. To make the ghost costume, place the sheet over your dog’s head. This may require restraints or sedation, but the end result of a super nervous dog who has no idea why you are covering his head in a white sheet is definitely worth it. Inner dia-dog (See what I did there?): “Am I being kidnapped? Please mom no! This is the most stressful thing that has ever happened to me.”

Step 4. Mark off the cut-outs of the ears, eyes and nose. Remove the sheet and cut holes where you marked.

Step 5. Attempt to put the “costume” back on your dog for a picture, only to have it end like this:

katie bad pic

Not happening.

Katie Miller | Oct 21, 2015