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Well That’s Different: First Impressions of Cambodia and Vietnam

Recently, our world-traveling comptroller Della Fencl returned from a three-week guided trip with her mom through Cambodia and Vietnam. She sat down to exchange notes with fellow Southeast Asia traveler Danielle Strollo.

Danielle: Did you eat anything funky?

Della: The weirdest thing I ate was a “baby duck.” It was a fertilized egg that they incubated for about 15-20 days, then they cooked it and cracked it open to eat. It was basically a hard-boiled egg with a tiny, boneless duck in there. My mom ate the meat and said it was very tender.

Danielle: Your mom ate a duck embryo.

Della: Eww. Thanks for saying that. But yes, my mom ate a duck embryo.

Danielle: Strangest daily life thing you saw?

Della: I saw these one-liter Coca-cola bottles on the side of the road, lined up at these roadside stands. And at first I thought it was some kind of special tea. Then finally, I watched a scooter pull up, and they filled his scooter up with it. GASOLINE!

Danielle: I thought it was water when I saw it, so I was concerned. Not something you’d ever see here. Or 8-year-olds filling up scooters with gas, you don’t see that here, either, luckily.

Danielle: Any other anecdotes or take-aways?

Della: Everyone has a motorbike, and they ride them while talking and texting on their cell phones. Accidents happen, people move on. No exchange of information. Nothing.

Danielle: Gives you a glimpse of what a world without lawyers would be like.


We could go on and on about the markets, the temples, and the sights, but we’ll leave that to you to find on your next Cambodia and Vietnam adventure!

Della Fencl | Dec 21, 2015