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Wine in Idaho: Growing, Crushing, Drinking, Smiling

Here at CLM, we like to keep in close contact with our clients. A couple months back, we had the pleasure of teaming up with Koenig winery and distillery to help them create a new website. Last Saturday I got the itch, jumped in the car, and made the quick drive to Marsing to check up on our friends.

Recently releasing their second vintage of Sangiovese and being one of the few wineries in Idaho using Petit Verdot, Koenig is breaking boundaries. Being in the “wine drinking” world for some years, I am continually pleased with the gorgeous, true to varietal wines I see produced by Greg Koenig. His Syrah explodes with rich, dark fruit, spice and has a beautiful balance that showcases Idaho’s terroir. (And it’s only $17 per bottle!) Greg Koenig is not only the winemaker for Koenig, but also Bitner, Williamson, and 3 Horse Ranch. Busy guy.

There is no better way to spend a Saturday than busting out the camera, putting on some Tom Waits and cruising to Marsing where, if you’re anything like me, you’ll pull the car over four times on the way to the winery to shoot some stop-you-in-your-tracks photos.

Wine aficionados or new drinkers welcome. There are no wrong or right palates in the wine world. You taste wines and then you drink what you like, it’s as simple as that.  Wine can be an intimidating subject but the winemakers and tasting rooms here in Marsing make you feel welcome and appreciate the interest and passion of wine in every person that walks in to the tasting room. It takes a lot of courage to get out of the grocery store and explore a wine shop, or even take one step further into the wine experience and visit the winery. If you chose to do so, Koenig is a must.

CLM | Feb 24, 2012