In-moment + In-app = Incredible: CLM and Toumetis present at CES 2017

CES 2017 started the year with a lot of whoa. (“whoa” was the theme of the show). And most of the whoa-ing was in reaction to the many ways the Internet of Things (IoT) has reached a tipping point. It will be orders of magnitude bigger than the Internet we’ve known—as measured by data.

A year ago, CLM started helping Toumetis brand its IoT predictive analytics platform, which we named Cascadence. At the time, it was surprising in casual conversations how few friends or family had heard of IoT, let alone “the edge” or “the fog.” Even “the cloud” was nebulous. Blank stares at such concepts as “machine learning” or “natural language understanding” were especially ironic.

Hearing these terms batted around can cause us everyday humans to glaze over unless someone can answer, “What does all this technospeak have to do with the real world, you and me, here and now? Can you make it tangible?”

There were thousands of whoa-worthy tangible examples to see at CES, a few of which are shown here.

Wherever our thoughts may roam, we all act in the moment. And IoT technology can interact with us in key moments of our day-to-day journey—freeing our minds in new ways. The enabling technology is vast. Here are a just few examples seen at CES 2017, now changing life as we’ve known it.

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From home to car, CES 2017 was a world of interconnected things. Here are a few.

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John Liebenthal | Jan 12, 2017