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Tips from challengers who crush it.

In our Dog Eat Hog quarterly speaker series designed for CLM clients and special guests, we bring you inside the game with key players from underdog companies that have risen to fame and glory by outmaneuvering and outwitting the market hogs in their way. Get an exclusive peek inside their playbook. You’ll eat it up.

Dog Eat Hog

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Past Speakers

Spring 2019

Raechelle Hoki
VP of Brand Communications, Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club logo

Summer 2019

Branson Veal
Executive Creative Director, MOD Pizza
MOD Pizza logo

Fall 2019

Todd Krautkremer
Chief Marketing Officer, Cradlepoint
Foundant Technologies logo

Winter 2019

Daren Nordhagen
Co-Founder, Foundant Technologies
Foundant Technology logo

Spring 2020

Bobby Powers
Head of Learning & Development and People Analytics, Gravity Payments
Gravity Payments logo

Summer 2020

Rick Murdock
CEO & co-founder of Autovol & Waypaver International, as well as co-founder of Prefab Logic
Autovol logo

Fall 2020

John Hanousek
Financial Technology Payments Market Advisor
Avidxchange logo

Fall 2020

Chris Elmore
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Professor, & Author
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Summer 2021

Don Day
Founder and editor of BoiseDev
BoiseDev logo

Fall 2021

Scott Wald
Chief Executive Officer & President, Romar Services, L.L.C.

Fall 2021

Geoff Surkamer
Chief Executive Officer & Board Member, MSI Data