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People who need people.

Getting to the heart of the matter.

It’s not just about total impressions. Or audience segmentation. Or campaign conversions. At core, media strategy and placement is about people. And how to really speak to (and with) them. Cost-effectively, of course.

Easier said, than done. CLM is one of Idaho’s top media placement agencies—and we leverage our buying power and pinpointed targeting for the good of our clients. Our holistic approach to media strategy ensures you get the most bang for your buck. We spend your marketing dollars like they’re our own.

We offer: Integrated media strategy. Media mix planning for broadcast, out-of-home, digital, social and print. Media placement specializing in Idaho, the Northwest and beyond. Media buying, negotiation, and management. Social strategy and deployment. Audit and post analysis.

We often roll up our sleeves and analyze the data and metrics. Celebrating the wins, we outline key insights that can create change for the better. And continuously strive to improve results. Win, win.

Media Audit

Show us your latest media invoices, and we’ll evaluate and provide ideas for improvement. Your first-time Media Audit is no charge.

Want more results from your media budget?

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