Prefab Logic: Brand Building

Providing the building blocks for a fully-constructed brand.

Sometimes, out-of-the-box thinking means thinking in boxes. Prefab Logic—an innovative start-up looking to disrupt the commercial construction industry—is a case in point. Their vision? Building a new way of building.

Prefab Logic is changing the game with modular construction. This is when a building is made in modules off-site under plant conditions with a high-level of quality control. From affordable housing to luxury hotels, Prefab Logic projects are popping up around the country and world in big ways.

But before they could really break through, they needed a cohesive brand. In 2017, Prefab Logic approached CLM to help them build one.

Building a brand in a new category means taking a clear position that contrasts the old way of doing things. We not only needed to develop an identity for Prefab Logic, but establish their standout place in the commercial development world. And launch a demand generation program to bring leads and projects to the burgeoning company.

CLM architected a new website, sales tools, and a demand generation program including drip emails and whitepapers to establish a thought-leader perspective with category-defining content.

This generated enough demand to require Prefab Logic to grow their supply chain for modular multifamily and hospitality projects, plus expand their consulting practice. Now, with their alliance factory partners, Prefab Logic can manage up to 4,200 units per year.

Building credibility? That’s how we help our client move on up.