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What’s Brewing Around CLM

What’s Brewing Around CLM

As we break out our cozy sweaters and share our favorite winter brews, here’s a fresh look at what’s been happening inside Boise’s original firehouse.

In client news, we launched multiple campaigns, and even helped open a new D&B in Kuna to grand success.

This includes new fall and winter TV spots and digital ads for Commercial Tire. The creative features driving tips fit for the cold-weather season in the eye-catching, world-building stop motion animation style we introduced earlier this year. We even decked Santa out with a new ride that he joyfully uses to share the love with his reindeer passengers (who now have a lot more leisure time).

We just wrapped a new campaign for Intermountain Hospital. Avoiding the stereotypical “crack pipe in an alley” portrayal, we made it more real by focusing on the “I’m fine” lies and related excuses addicted people tell themselves and the people they love.

For Ada County Landfill, we produced animated video spots, radio ads, and digital assets for their hazardous waste and trash diversion initiatives featured an illustrated raccoon named Trashy. Plus, look for out-of-the-ordinary social and TV spots supporting Ballet Idaho’s new production of The Nutcracker. Are those sugar plum fairies?

On November 14th, we hosted our fourth and final Dog Eat Hog speaker event of the year. Daren Nordhagen, co-founder of Foundant Technologies, shared how his company now powers over 2,000 grantmaking and grant-seeking non-profits around the world. Looking ahead to 2020, our February 20th event will feature Bobby Powers from Gravity Payments, the company that just made news for raising all employee salaries to $70k (even in their Boise office). Register here to save your seat.

To strike that work-life balance, our CLM bowling team competed weekly against others in the Boise Ad Fed Bowling League. It’s fun to knock back a few pins and pints with our ad peeps, but we’ll stick to our day jobs.

In community news, we completed agency services for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk. LLS has been a cornerstone recipient of our pro bono support over the years, and we’re honored to be part of their local mission.

Speaking of light, from time to time we receive inquiries about our firehouse and its history. Get fired up by reading this wonderful historical article from the City of Boise. Preservation Idaho’s Architecture Project also gives a good deep-dive here. If you’re out and about, drop by for a visit and bring your cell for a selfie with the pole.

CLM | Dec 4, 2019

Can You Fuel Our Interest?

Can You Fuel Our Interest?


Account Manager

We’re looking for an individual that really knows how to liaise. Someone so good in fact, that you wouldn’t even know any liaising was being done—seamless. Do you know how to put together strategic plans that would make others envious? Can you put out fires while also igniting a controlled burn—If you’re smart, detailed, and have some backbone, we want to hear from you.



  • Help develop, present, and carry out strategic marketing plans.
  • Proactively manage client and agency teams to foster marketing strategies and tactics that produce results.
  • Keeps apprised of relevant client, competitive/market and industry developments.
  • Lead client meetings and communicate necessary information to appropriate agency personnel.
  • Effectively present/co-present all agency work/proposals to clients.
  • Active awareness of client brands/products/services/marketing developments.
  • Has ownership of client proposals and billings.
  • Represents the agency at industry and community functions.
  • Continuously works to upgrade knowledge and skills through available reading, webinars and courses.
  • Gain new business from existing clients and help with new business efforts for the company.
  • Business degree with at least five years of successful advertising agency experience.
  • The AM needs to be a real firecracker with strong verbal and written skills, a capability for critical thinking, dynamic presentation skills, personal organization and strong team leadership skills.


Apply Now

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CLM | Dec 2, 2019

10 Ways to Rise up from out of Nowhere

10 Ways to Rise up from out of Nowhere

Daren Nordhagen, co-founder of Foundant Technologies, is from the middle of nowhere. Well, a small suburb of the middle of nowhere, a designation once mathematically granted to Glasgow, Montana by the Washington Post.

On November 14th, Daren demonstrated the power of coming from out of nowhere during Dog Eat Hog IV, our quarterly speaker series that dishes up tips from dogged challengers that are crushing market hogs. His Bozeman-based philanthropic software company, Foundant, is now the market leader in the grants management market.

How did they get there? Daren offered up 10 key takeaways to show how the company developed by small (but mighty) increments, rather than by giant directional pivots.

  1. Set sights on a bigger goals. Visions can change, so adapt.
  2. Continue to focus on the mission and purpose—and look to maximize impact within that sphere.
  3. When it comes down to succession and sustainability, look for outcomes that work for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.
  4. Commit to customer success. Customer service isn’t a cost center, it’s both a sales and marketing tool that needs to be invested in.
  5. Make ongoing decisions with long-term perspective, NOT by focusing on quarterly results.
  6. Companies are made up of people, not products. Set core values, hire great people, and work hard to build a culture of trust and respect that’s evident in everyone from founders to interns.
  7. When it comes to decision-making, look for the right blend of focus versus flexibility, increment versus pivot.
  8. Look for ways to stay in control when considering bootstrapping in contrast with equity events.
  9. Be opportunistic when you get lucky.
  10. Be a friendly gorilla, not the fat-and-happy market hog. Foundant connects the greater philanthropic market, serves all stakeholders, and thinks long-term.

Get more tips from challengers who crushed it at Dog Eat Hog—CLM’s live speaker and article series that gets you fired up to compete and win. Find future speakers and other illuminating ideas at clmnorthwest.com/tips.

CLM | Nov 21, 2019

5 Breakthrough Tips from Cradlepoint’s CMO

5 Breakthrough Tips from Cradlepoint’s CMO

From humble origins in Idaho, Cradlepoint is now the global leader in cloud-based 4G LTE network solutions. So how did they get there?

At our last Dog Eat Hog—part III in the CLM speaker series on how to compete and win—Todd Krautkremer, the Chief Marketing Officer at Cradlepoint, took us behind the scenes and let us in on the strategies that took them to the top.

Seth Godin pull quoteTip #1: Find your wave of disruption, and seize it.
Originally a device sold at Best Buy that attached to your cellphone’s cradle, Todd showed us how Cradlepoint made major pivots in business strategy before sinking their teeth into the breakthrough positioning that made them the world leader in wireless edge solutions.

Tip #2: Find your brand essence and embrace it.
In branding, there’s the logical side (what people think of you) and the emotional (what they feel about you). Cradlepoint embraced the “Boise spirit” of openness, creativity, community, and adventure to define their brand.

Tip #3: Find your “durable differentiation.”
What’s your true north? Define exactly what you excel at: Innovation. Distribution. Customer service. Or operational efficiency. Carve out that niche, and make a stake in it.

Tip #4: Find your hidden points of leverage and exploit them.
When Cradlepoint recently transitioned from a hardware focus to a SaaS (software as a service) model, it represented a major industry shift. Cradlepoint was able to pivot their business model in an agile way that challenges large, market-traded competitors.

Tip #5: Live your brand from the inside out.
The spirit of the brand is the spirit of the company. Reliable. Modern. Trusted. Rational risk-takers. Importantly, as Todd learned long ago from a mentor, always stay humble and stay hungry, or life will make sure you end up that way.


Get more tips from challengers who crushed it at Dog Eat Hog—CLM’s live speaker and article series that gets you fired up to compete and win. Even against the hogs of the marketplace. Find future speakers and other illuminating ideas at clmnorthwest.com/tips.

CLM | Sep 30, 2019

Surviving the Apocalypse with D&B Supply

Surviving the Apocalypse with D&B Supply

Over the past 60 years, a lot has changed in the west. And one of our clients, D&B Supply, should know. Established in 1959, D&B Supply is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. What started as a tire shop for farmers in Caldwell, Idaho has grown to 15 locations in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon that offer just about everything you could ever imagine needing on any given day. In fact, there’s a saying at D&B Supply that, as I understand it, originally came from overhearing a couple customers talking in the store. It goes something like, “If D&B doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.”

This got me thinking, does D&B Supply really have everything you need? Could you survive the aftermath of an apocalypse with only the products sold at D&B Supply at your disposal? I know what you’re thinking. What kind of apocalyptic event would somehow leave only one guy, his family, and their neighborhood D&B Supply left to face the barren and nearly lifeless world on their own? Let’s just say it was a weird one. A really weird apocalyptic event. And after taking my word for it, let’s take a closer look at how one might pull it off with some help from D&B.



No problem. Even if you lost your house in the apocalypse, building a new, fully decked out shelter from livestock panels, gates and other livestock shelter products would be a breeze. Thanks to D&B’s hardware and plumbing department, you’d even have all the fasteners, nails, screws, piping and tools you need to make it all happen. Plus, with an array of power tools at your disposal, you wouldn’t even have to do it all with a hammer and screwdriver. What’s that? There’s no electricity in a post-apocalyptic world? Touché, Mr./Ms. Buzzkill. But with a huge variety of battery-powered power tools combined with this solar array battery charger piece of radness, (surprisingly affordable even in a non-postapocalyptic world) you’re all set. And for those of you pointing out you could just live inside the D&B Supply, c’mon, ya lazy bums. What else have you got to do in a post-apocalyptic world?


Food & Water

With a huge variety of vegetable seeds and even some live animals, like rabbits and poultry, combined with all the supplies you need to grow and raise them well, every meal is going to feel like Thanksgiving. And for drinking water, a simple rain collection system made of tarps, piping, and horse troughs will have you set. I know I know. It takes time to grow/raise your own food and enjoy your first homegrown meal. How will you survive until the first harvest? Easy. Pearson’s Giant 2-Pound Salted Nut Roll Log. It’s not on their website, but trust me, they’re in the store. And boasting 4200 calories along with 147g of protein per log, they pack plenty enough punch to power you through even the longest of winters. Plus, if your teeth begin to take a beating from the steady onslaught of sugar, there’s always an enormous selection of wet pet food at your disposal. And while you’re heading to the pet section, grab a doggie toothbrush to whip those pearly whites back into shape.



Forget all the movies you’ve seen set in post-apocalyptic worlds with the heroic protagonist trudging around in grimy clothes full of holes and grease marks. With a full department of top western and work wear brands at your disposal, you’re going to be the best dressed apocalypse survivor ever. Unfortunately, almost no one is going to be around to see it. But whether you’re at work expanding your new home, (in which case I recommend some Carhartt Full Swing apparel for easy movement and some White’s composite-toed boots in case you drop a rain collecting trough on your foot), or out for a night on the town ash and rubble-strewn wasteland for some moonlit dancing with your beloved, (in which case I recommend some fancy Wrangler jeans and bringing a gift of some Montana Silversmith jewelry so you’re sure to stay warm all night), D&B’s got your back.


Bonus Perks

Just because there are no more Joneses living next door doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to keep up with them. Maintaining pre-apocalypse appearances will help keep the family spirits up. So when your newly planted grass seed sprouts and starts to get shaggy, grab some battery-powered (remember the solar charger) outdoor power equipment and crop those tops, trim those edges and keep your shanty mansion looking it’s best.


So there you have it. Happy anniversary, D&B Supply, and here’s to another apocalypse-free 60 years of business!

Mike Gerhardt | Sep 5, 2019