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D&B Supply


D&B Supply is a well-known and popular brand in the Northwest, offering Western apparel, pet supplies, farm and garden products, and ranch essentials. For the past two years, CLM has handled its media planning and purchasing, successfully placing advertising across multiple platforms in a number of markets.



As a media strategist and creative partner, CLM focused on two challenges for D&B: gaining a clearer view of their evolving customer base and other potential audience growth opportunities—and crafting a data-driven content and media strategy with measurable goals.



CLM tackled both of these head-on. We first conducted a comprehensive demographic study of its customer base to profile customer segments and look for insights. Based on this research, we identified opportunities to expand D&B’s customer base while effectively reaching both current and new customers with relevant and engaging campaigns, with a baseline to measure change over time.



Brands as genuine and successful as D&B stay that way by paying close attention to what customers want, how they feel about the brand, and how they interact with it. Teaming up with an objective partner is sometimes essential to confirm and strengthen things that are effective, while gaining new insights that inform successful next steps.



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