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Building A Better Way of Building: Prefab Logic


Our client, Prefab Logic, is looking to revolutionize the construction industry by making it easy for general contractors, architects, and developers to go modular. In 2017, they came to us looking for a way to generate business and awareness at an early stage of company growth.


The Scenario

High demand and a severe shortage of the skilled contractors required to finish projects are driving up the cost of building, and causing many construction projects to exceed budgets and timelines. Modular construction, where buildings are manufactured off-site in factories then shipped to sites for assembly, offers a solution, but most builders are unfamiliar with the modular building process. Additionally, many in the industry have pre-conceived, unfavorable notions of modular.


The Solution

We produced three targeted campaigns that included emails, landing pages, and printable digital assets, each centered around the benefits of modular and targeting builders, architects, and developers in the Bay Area and Seattle. The first focused on cost savings, the second on time savings, and the third dispelled common myths about modular buildings. After each email, recipients received a phone call to ensure each prospect had a chance to ask questions.


The Results

Each of the emails performed well, with an average open rate of 22.1%, average click rate overall of 5.13%, hundreds of landing page visits, and over 40 leads captured—well over the industry averages. Later, we refreshed the Prefab Logic website with a full portfolio of recent modular projects. Today, Prefab Logic has a full queue of projects, helped in part by a professional website, Google AdWords, and ongoing lead generation campaigns in targeted geographic areas.

We’re thrilled to be a part of Prefab’s mission to build a more efficient future for the construction industry, and are enjoying the opportunity to build a new B2B brand.


Targeted email, landing page, and digital asset example

Prefab Logic ditigal campaign