Reflecting on Client Wins in 2018
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Company Culture

As we start 2019, we reflect on 2018. It was jammed packed full of client activity that helped our clients, staff and company grow. 2018 kicked off with Brad buying back the company from the Ivie family. Our time with Ivie was good in providing new experiences and perspectives, but we are thankful for Brad’s desire to focus on CLM and our team and clients. The move breathed a new life back into CLM. We spent time contemplating and developing CLM 3.0, CLM’s strategy for the future, and with that came a new mission, vision and set of values for the company. It was a year chalked full of strategy, hard work, growth and fun.

We took a trip down memory lane as Commercial Tire celebrated 50 years. We brought home the International Association of Fairs and Expositions Best Marketing Campaign Award for our 2018 marketing campaign for Western Idaho Fair. We were part of the team that delivered the largest-ever Idaho Lottery Dividend to the State of Idaho of $53.5 Million. We helped Cradlepoint launch both an IoT Campaign and their First Responder programs. We helped Big Creek Lodge open again after 10 years with a new website with reservation capabilities. We jumped back into the world of financial services marketing by launching the “We Go There” campaign for Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

A few of our clients had record-breaking years while others changed their business models and go-to-market strategies entirely. We gained a few new clients that provided us good challenges to sink our chops (and brains) into. We had the privilege of helping a couple of our clients work on game changing initiatives in their industries. We worked on campaigns and programs for a wide-range of clients in both B2B and B2C sectors including technology, retail, healthcare, financial, entertainment, mining, construction, auto, and hospitality.

It was a year full of growth, and we plan to build on that momentum into 2019. We look forward to celebrating D&B Supply’s 60th Anniversary and Idaho Lottery’s 30 Anniversary. We are excited by the challenges and opportunities that will push us to learn and grow with a strong mindset for delivering results for our clients in 2019.

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