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Surviving the Apocalypse with D&B Supply
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Over the past 60 years, a lot has changed in the west. And one of our clients, D&B Supply, should know. Established in 1959, D&B Supply is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. What started as a tire shop for farmers in Caldwell, Idaho has grown to 15 locations in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon that offer just about everything you could ever imagine needing on any given day. In fact, there’s a saying at D&B Supply that, as I understand it, originally came from overhearing a couple customers talking in the store. It goes something like, “If D&B doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.”

This got me thinking, does D&B Supply really have everything you need? Could you survive the aftermath of an apocalypse with only the products sold at D&B Supply at your disposal? I know what you’re thinking. What kind of apocalyptic event would somehow leave only one guy, his family, and their neighborhood D&B Supply left to face the barren and nearly lifeless world on their own? Let’s just say it was a weird one. A really weird apocalyptic event. And after taking my word for it, let’s take a closer look at how one might pull it off with some help from D&B.



No problem. Even if you lost your house in the apocalypse, building a new, fully decked out shelter from livestock panels, gates and other livestock shelter products would be a breeze. Thanks to D&B’s hardware and plumbing department, you’d even have all the fasteners, nails, screws, piping and tools you need to make it all happen. Plus, with an array of power tools at your disposal, you wouldn’t even have to do it all with a hammer and screwdriver. What’s that? There’s no electricity in a post-apocalyptic world? Touché, Mr./Ms. Buzzkill. But with a huge variety of battery-powered power tools combined with this solar array battery charger piece of radness, (surprisingly affordable even in a non-postapocalyptic world) you’re all set. And for those of you pointing out you could just live inside the D&B Supply, c’mon, ya lazy bums. What else have you got to do in a post-apocalyptic world?


Food & Water

With a huge variety of vegetable seeds and even some live animals, like rabbits and poultry, combined with all the supplies you need to grow and raise them well, every meal is going to feel like Thanksgiving. And for drinking water, a simple rain collection system made of tarps, piping, and horse troughs will have you set. I know I know. It takes time to grow/raise your own food and enjoy your first homegrown meal. How will you survive until the first harvest? Easy. Pearson’s Giant 2-Pound Salted Nut Roll Log. It’s not on their website, but trust me, they’re in the store. And boasting 4200 calories along with 147g of protein per log, they pack plenty enough punch to power you through even the longest of winters. Plus, if your teeth begin to take a beating from the steady onslaught of sugar, there’s always an enormous selection of wet pet food at your disposal. And while you’re heading to the pet section, grab a doggie toothbrush to whip those pearly whites back into shape.



Forget all the movies you’ve seen set in post-apocalyptic worlds with the heroic protagonist trudging around in grimy clothes full of holes and grease marks. With a full department of top western and work wear brands at your disposal, you’re going to be the best dressed apocalypse survivor ever. Unfortunately, almost no one is going to be around to see it. But whether you’re at work expanding your new home, (in which case I recommend some Carhartt Full Swing apparel for easy movement and some White’s composite-toed boots in case you drop a rain collecting trough on your foot), or out for a night on the town ash and rubble-strewn wasteland for some moonlit dancing with your beloved, (in which case I recommend some fancy Wrangler jeans and bringing a gift of some Montana Silversmith jewelry so you’re sure to stay warm all night), D&B’s got your back.


Bonus Perks

Just because there are no more Joneses living next door doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to keep up with them. Maintaining pre-apocalypse appearances will help keep the family spirits up. So when your newly planted grass seed sprouts and starts to get shaggy, grab some battery-powered (remember the solar charger) outdoor power equipment and crop those tops, trim those edges and keep your shanty mansion looking it’s best.


So there you have it. Happy anniversary, D&B Supply, and here’s to another apocalypse-free 60 years of business!

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