Surfing the 4th Wave: The Laws of Innovation and the Impact of Generative AI

On June 14th, Dr. John Sviokla delivered a thought-provoking presentation titled “The Laws of Innovation: Surfing the 4th Wave” as part of CLM’s Flint & Steel series. As a leading authority in AI, digital technology, and business transformation, Dr. Sviokla discussed the future of AI and its potential impact on various aspects of our lives. […]

Anticipating Your Customers Needs – Make it Easy

Customer Needs

By Bob Hiebeler Since the latter half of 2020, everything has migrated online. Mundane tasks that we had to do over and over again pre-2020 have ended up online with stores able to track our purchases and remember our preferences. Repeat orders were easier to fill out as our lists could be set to automatic […]

Flint & Steel Presents: Generation “Them” – Navigating a Multi-Generational Work Force

Photo of Kristin Scroggin speaking at Flint & Steel Event

Part 1: Identifying the Generational Demographics On Wednesday, November 2nd, we hosted another incredible speaker in our Flint & Steel series. We brought in Kristin Scroggin for a look at how generational diversity affects employee behavior within the workspace, and what managers need to know in order to support employee cohesiveness and maximize each group’s […]

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