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3 Tips to Break the News from BoiseDev’s Don Day

3 Tips to Break the News from BoiseDev’s Don Day

Of the 14 commercial news outlets serving this city and valley, BoiseDev is the only one that’s locally owned. Dedicated to growth, business, and general local news, BoiseDev is the brainchild of Don Day, a Stanford University John S. Knight Fellow who’s now often first to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on breaking local news.

He didn’t aim to build a challenger brand. He did however see a gap in on-the-ground, local coverage that matters to this community. That launched him on a journey. At our Dog Eat Hog: Unleashed virtual event on June 9th, Don dished out three tips he learned along the way.


#1: Find the gaps.

BoiseDev took note that the slew of new projects around town weren’t getting covered. The site started as a collection of short items on development news in Boise. It quickly took off from there.


#2: Intense focus on customers & experience.

“We put readers first.” That simple line sums up the way BoiseDev operates. It’s led to unique relationships and approaches to deepen connections and coverage.


#3: Tell your story.

BoiseDev is transparent and vocal on their background and approach. They own their story, too. This helps continually define the brand and cement why BoiseDev is different.





Dog Eat Hog – Tips for Challengers Who Crush It will be back this fall for more insight, no matter what, no matter where.

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CLM | Jun 18, 2021

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CLM | May 24, 2021

Creativity in Captivity: Tips for Staying Sharp While Staying at Home

Creativity in Captivity: Tips for Staying Sharp While Staying at Home

It’s no secret that the era of COVID-19 has been rough on content creators. Gigs are way down. Patrons and clients are tightening their belts, making it hard to find work. Plus, the mental and emotional impact of social isolation in the midst of a devastating pandemic is enough to weigh down even the most prolific of artists, designers and musicians. Nonetheless, this is an opportunity to progress creatively and sharpen your skills, so when things return to normal, you can come out swinging. Here are a few tips I have picked up in the past year that have helped me to keep a creative edge even in isolation.


‘Zen’ Your Space

I find that I make my greatest creative and artistic strides when I am at my most relaxed, in an almost meditative state. This clarity of mind allows ideas to present themselves. One of the best ways to achieve this clarity is to engineer the space around you to minimize distractions and stressors. This may mean rearranging the furniture in your studio and getting rid of clutter, or it may mean creating a ritual around setting up and breaking down your creative space before and after your work session.

However you choose to do it, the important thing is making the realization that your surroundings affect your mindset, and your mindset affects your product. With this in mind, you can take physical steps to set yourself up for the best outcome before you even sit down to create.


Don’t Go Hungry

Inspiration may be for amateurs, but as creators, we need to understand that creativity doesn’t come from nowhere. As much as we like to romanticize the idea of the siloed artist toiling away in a lonely studio for months on end, producing masterpiece after masterpiece, the truth is that we cannot create if do not consume. A huge amount of creative “input” is lost in the stay-at-home world, in the absence of regular social interaction.

One way to replace some of that “input” is to immerse yourself in the creations of others. Crack open a good book. Spin some new records. Dig into that TV series. Try that new takeout joint. Remember what moves you. Remember what inspired you to create in the first place. Otherwise, you risk losing touch with what allows you to move others. Plus, this will give you a chance to support other artists when they need it most.


Hit the Woodshed

Sometimes, the cure for writer’s block is hidden in what we musicians call “the woodshed”, or the practice room. When the ideas just aren’t flowing, my best bet is to take a step back from the creative and focus on the technical. Learning a new sub-skill or getting back to fundamentals will make you a more well-rounded artist and increase your fluency, which will put more tools in your toolbelt and ideas to come more naturally.

Also, having a consistent practice routine makes it easier to sit down and spend time with your craft without the mental burden of having to create your next masterpiece. For me, it’s easier to wrap my head around the idea of practicing scales and arpeggios than working on my next composition, but once I buckle down and start the work, I can more easily get into the right state of mind for ideation.


Quarantine may have taken some of your gigs away, but don’t pass up the opportunity to continue honing the skills that got you those gigs in the first place.

Brent Ruddy | Mar 29, 2021

4 Tips to Innovate and Grow – BIG

4 Tips to Innovate and Grow – BIG

“You’re three times more likely to make an NFL roster than to go from zero to a billion in value,” Chris Elmore, AvidXchange & startup evangelist, noted at Dog Eat Hog: Unleashed, the first virtual event in CLM’s speaker series from challenger brands who crush it. “And about 50% of these zero-to-a-billions are located in Silicon Valley.”

Statistical anomalies like AvidXchange—based out of Charlotte, NC, and now with offices in seven cities—define a challenger brand. Being a challenger brand isn’t just about standing out among market leaders and niche boutiques. It’s about a mindset of ambition that looks beyond the conventional to bring real change to the playing field in an industry.

Today, AvidXchange is transforming the business payment market as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the US, processing over 250 million invoices per month. On the way, it acquired Piracle Payment Management, and that’s where our story began at Dog Eat Hog.

John Hanousek took our virtual stage to lay the groundwork of Piracle, then a dimming player in the accounts payable market. Taking a leadership role in the company after a sustained period of decline, Hanousek, with CLM Marketing & Advertising’s support, developed and executed strategies that turned the company around.


TIP #1: THE 5x RULE.

Once a company is stable and a strong, aligned culture is in place, make a business decision that will strategically grow the company by five times or don’t do it. Now a part of AvidXchange, the Piracle office has grown its staff by 10x.

Chris Elmore, a founding employee at AvidXchange, took the virtual stage next.



How do you rocket launch a minimal viable product? Develop the basic product. Deploy into the market. Put a team in place to listen to “harsh” customer feedback. Implement new features based on customer feedback. Do it again and again. AvidXchange continually upgraded incrementally by listening to the key concerns of customers. What are the “this must happen now to make my life better” type desires? By focusing in and continually upgrading, AvidXchange became a must-have in the business life of its customers.



Innovation is simply doing it better than what it was today. It focuses on what’s possible. Do small incremental innovations, then look back in 20 years and be shocked at the hill you’re sitting on. Teach everyone in your company to be an innovator, and the potential is unlimited.



Value-based pricing takes what you can save the customer and make the customer, then charges 10% of that. Cheap is never the goal. Value is the sweet spot. The business must charge enough to get “harsh” customer feedback.

Watch the full video for maximum brainfood:




Dog Eat Hog – Tips for Challengers Who Crush It continues in 2021 with more insight, no matter what, no matter where.

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CLM | Nov 18, 2020

5 Tips to Be a Status Quo-Busting Solutioneer

5 Tips to Be a Status Quo-Busting Solutioneer

On June 17th, Dog Eat Hog touched down at the “first of its kind” Autovol pre-fab building factory in Nampa to hear tips on how to crush it from the visionary CEO and cofounder, Rick Murdock. Rick gave us a field guide to being a game-changing solutioneer—as seen through the lens of his work in affordable housing.

Affordable housing is a pressing issue nationwide. Over 33% of Americans say the lack of affordable housing prevents them from living near their jobs. As Rick says, “We can no longer see housing primarily as a financial instrument or investment vehicle, but as a basic human right!” So he asked, why is the construction industry still painstakingly doing everything by hand?

Automated volumetric construction exists in every major manufacturing category (think: making vehicles) except for the housing industry. Due to high labor costs over extended timeframes, it costs more to build one affordable two-bedroom apartment in a Northwest city than to buy a comparable home in the US. The solution of prefab construction opens up breakthroughs in time, cost, and quality. Machines can do the heavy-lifting that often injures or shortens the careers of construction workers, and the end result can be consistently superior.

Autovol is the home of the solutioneer: “A person who is among the first to explore, design, and rebuild innovative ways to solve problems that overcome new challenges and situations.”


Rick’s 5 tips to being a solutioneer:

#1: Be passionate about what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

#2: Be real, not rude. And think of people as people, not workers or customers.

#3: Don’t accept “that’s the way it’s always been done” as an answer.

#4: Make breakthroughs in time, cost, and quality.

#5: Collaborate with others, use creative ingenuity, and invent solutions to improve lives around the world.


Catch the next Dog Eat Hog for more ways to challenge the status quo and bring home the bacon.


CLM | Jul 2, 2020