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Jess Ward

Interactive Producer

Lessons in Iteration from a Sick SIC

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the 2018 Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) recently. It’s a two-day, chock-full schedule of workshops about technology and creativity. The topics were overwhelmingly broad and plentiful. From content storytelling to new and evolving technologies in the digital world to deep dives into Google Analytics. The list of presenters was amazing, too. I got to listen to Moz cofounder Rand Fishkin say its name out loud, which is something I’ve always wanted to know … is it pronounced like “nose” or like “paws?” It’s the …READ MORE

Better by Design: A New Website for Prefab Logic

When we began our relationship with Prefab Logic, we started the way we start with many clients: with a look at the website. What we saw was a lot of potential for a new site that was as pioneering and forward-thinking as they are. We began the process of redesigning the site with a branding exercise to identify the characteristics of the Prefab Logic team and the messages and designs that would resonate with them. After that, we started down the path of changing their look and making it consistent …READ MORE

My Fair Share of Memories

It’s that time of year again. No, not football season (whoop whoop!), the new school year, or the return of that wonderfully crisp fall air. I’m talking the Western Idaho Fair! I grew up in the Boise area, and going to the Western Idaho Fair is a summertime memory I cherish. One of my earliest memories is of my dad winning a carnival game—and winning us a HUGE stuffed bear for me and my brothers. I remember him throwing the prize over his shoulder as we all chanted “Dad won …READ MORE

CLM’s New Website: Clean, Contemporary, and Consistent

As my eighth anniversary of working at CLM quickly approaches, I can now say that I am one of the “oldies but goodies” here at the old fire station. A lot has changed around here in the past several months: a merger, new hires, and a renewed commitment to focusing on our core strengths while growing our offerings. With so much changed, it was time for a brand refresh and a whole new website. We knew the website had to be responsive and SEO-friendly, but that’s not new. What is …READ MORE