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Aw, mid-March – that special time of year when Q1 deliverables race to the finish line. Here’s a watercooler view on some of the latest and greatest news within 588 West Idaho.

First off, thanks again to all of you who attended our Dog Eat Hog challenger event on Feb 22nd at Beside Bardenay. As a quarterly series, we’re thrilled at the response of this inaugural session and we’re working hard to keep the momentum going. We’re currently reviewing speakers now, so a Save the Date invite won’t be far behind.

hokiAs we wrap up this month, we’re focused on professional development. We recently invited the folks from the Idaho Virtual Reality Council to the office to show us the huge potential of the technology. Then we put on the headgear to walk a plank on a high rise or explore a sunken ship. Not the typical day at the office. Our social manager Joelle is currently in San Diego attending Social Media Marketing World. Closer to home, we’re excited to attend the Rockies Award Show in late April.

In client news, we have multiple campaigns starting in the next couple weeks, including new stop motion animation spots for Commercial Tire. We’ll share creative insights and highlights in a future Client Spotlight post. New work is also being produced for Intermountain Hospital, so look for new outdoor boards and radio to launch shortly.

The CLM family continues to grow with a few new arrivals. Mike and his clan welcomed baby Henry on January 1st, and Jill and her family will welcome their little one on April 18th. The office is full of that new baby smell, so we’re quite happy! Speaking of happiness, we haven’t come down from the rafters yet with the news of Becki’s daughter Lily’s last chemo infusion for her Leukemia battle. She’s our resident rock star and brave heart.

Mike Henry Jill Lily

As an old firehouse, we’re spending a little quality time with our dwelling and spring operations. We’re all clear with updated fire and smoke alarms. Thank you Boise FD.

Q2 – we’re ready for you!

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